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Clients Testimonials

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“I trained for people soft hcm training by Mr Venkat The training is absolutely superb and the trainers are so flexible that they can adjust the solution to fit with additional short notice topics, ensuring not only the quality and utility value of the training but the delivery was full of energy and focus. people soft online trainings was a real pleasure to learn from.”Thanks for your support venkat.”

Pooja Kotarge


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“I would like to thanks for people soft online trainings team , I saved my time and money for on job support for HCM Technical Consultant Mr venkat ''contacting the people soft online An excellent course, the content is really practical and engaging, held in a very stimulating interactive environment. It was very enjoyable all through and I thoroughly had a great time.”

Leslie Hawkins,

Software Engineer

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“ courses are adept at identifying the skills that will empower and motivate you to excel in your assigned work area. In addition, the courses provide relevant, practical information that can be easily implemented in the workplace. Truly a great experience learning from, a true leader and an excellent resource in the Training industry."I Have to thank them for providing such a nice instructor for Sap HCM.”


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“During my learning time with, I got to work on Sales Force key projects where results were critical. I learnt so much by implementing what I learnt to real-life work situations. The whole experience was well received and showed both energy and flexibility. Overall, the ability to challenge myself during my course period, was helpful in creating a valuable end result by Mr.Karthik.”


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“It was a dream to be trained by Their instructors and courses (I did Service Now course by Mr.Pavan) as well are simply superb, that will more than meet your expectations. It was an absolute pleasure to be with all of you. Special thanks to all.”


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“I’ve just finished my Hadoop Online Training from I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course that was conducted in a fun-filled interactive style all through. is so flexible so you can fit your studying in around a job or family. The trainers are always so helpful and I always felt comfortable asking them for help. Above all, the whole experience was value for money, worth the investment, thank you Neeraj for the entire support.”


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“I did a course in Microsoft Technologies from The whole time was great and I learnt so much, upgrading my skills and knowledge that today I feel confident to put across my learning of Microsoft Technologies in real-life work situations with ease and confidence. I would recommend to anybody wanting to improve their skills and make themselves more employable.”


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“I would like to reiterate my sincere thanks for the level of training and teaching that provided during my course in Data Warehousing Technologies with them. They have an abundance of patience and the positive attitude they apply to the students, helps to make the whole training experience very enjoyable.”

Prasad Kharade

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“Straight after completing my course in Cloud Technologies with, I was offered the position of Cloud Architect. My new role is really challenging and makes my days so much more interesting. I would definitely recommend Online Training to anyone looking for more.”

Alan ward

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“So many people had told me about Their courses are very intelligently structured and conducted by skillful instructors. I learnt a lot and today what I am as a Software Manager is due to them. If anyone asks me from where to learn to upgrade IT skills, I would recommend”